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The Culture #JDM

Defining a culture?! Is that even possible? All we can do is tell our story, where it began for us and what it has come to mean. Making cars faster, better... personal, has been around since the dawn of the automobile. The 90's Japanese auto industry delivered the ultimate modifying car templates, a product of the manufacturers' fierce competition in various group racing series. Quick to follow were the Tuning houses that developed an array of racing and other aftermarket accessories. The templates were so formidable that in the absence of motor racing restrictions, fueled by the need to harness, improve and unleash°Kstreet #JDM icons were born. From the R32 GT-R's domination in Group A racing to the 555 Subaru legacy in Rallying, pockets of exceptionalism were consolidating. The #JDM Tuning market unleashed 1000bhp road cars that decimated tarmac and supercar assassins were born. Defined by a notion of no boundaries and freedom of expression, add a generation of dedicated gamers who could interact with these #JDM legends from their homes, sprinkle with a touch of nostalgia... and modern #JDM culture starts taking form. #JDM Collective = Petrolheads + #JDM Fanatics


Quality - there is no substitute. This is a lesson every petrolhead learns, usually more than once :( JDM collective prides itself in working with experienced professionals. Tuning and services are done by Nxgen, where JDM Collective has built a 15yr relationship and can attest to quality workmanship and durability. We also work closely with Scoobyworx for our Subarus where their workmanship and service has proven to be exceptional. Locally sourced cars are exceptional examples with owner history, low mileage and durability tested.

The Stars

Its all about the cars!!! Our collection is made up of: ~JDM Supercars ~Superb local JDM examples from classics to classics in the making ~non JDM petrolhead loved cars Follow us on Instgram @JDM_Collective_2020 for our best takes on our cars.

Armoured Division

Family first, protect your most valued assests with our Armoured car offering in partnership with AVS (Armoured Vehicle Sales). B4 to B6 bespoke armouring on any vehicle.

We also have Luxury New vehicles on offer, some with manufacturer warranty and all carry AVS - Armoured Vehicle Sales warranty: All armouring carries a 18month and 40k km warranty.

Visit our showroom and we can tailor your protection solution.

Cars (Latest Uploaded)

2009 Subaru Legacy LEGACY 2.5GT-B SPRTSWGN A/T
R 129,900
View Car
2007 Opel Astra ASTRA 2.0 OPC
R 145,000
View Car
1992 Nissan SX 200 (ABS)
R 250,000
View Car
2018 Honda Civic CIVIC 2.0T TYPE R
R 579,000
View Car
2012 Mercedes-Benz ML ML 63 AMG
R 479,000
View Car
2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee GRAND CHEROKEE 6.4 SRT
R 569,000
View Car
2012 Toyota 86 86 2.0
R 275,000
View Car
2011 Subaru Impreza WRX 2.5 STI A/T
R 329,999
View Car
2010 Nissan 370 Z 370 Z COUPE
View Car
2012 Lexus LX LX 570
R 550,000
View Car
2014 Lexus GS GS 350 EX A/T
R 319,999
View Car
1996 Nissan Skyline GT-R R33
R 925,000
View Car
2022 Ford Ranger 2.0Bi-Turbo Double Cab 4x4 Raptor Special Edition
R 1,549,900
View Car
2006 Mitsubishi Pajero PAJERO 3200 DI-D GLS SWB A/T
R 199,900
View Car
1987 Datsun 720S 720S 1.8
R 160,000
View Car
2017 Renault Kadjar KADJAR 1.2T DYNAMIQUE EDC
R 229,900
View Car

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